Katja Sändig – lawyer specialized in tax law, tax advisor

Expertise & Consulting

Tax law means structuring. To achieve an economic and strategic development, enterprises need individual and precise answers to questions on tax and finance. This includes, besides the overarching complex solutions, individual questions as well, which might often arise in context with ongoing projects. Tax Law in its diversity constitutes a main instrument in this respect: the acquisition und the disposition of companies or shares of companies, restructuring, foundation of new companies, merger or joint venture require tax efficient structures. The transfers of estate and companies in connection with succession to the next generation or to foundations need a differentiated legal assessment and planning. Specific questions may occur in connection with crisis situations. Additionally, it is becoming more important to represent the company’s interest at financial authorities and in court.

Economy means dynamic. Operative processes need to be adjusted to the national and international realities. Therefore, quick action as well as long-term thinking is required.

As economy is made by individuals, individual requirements of, for example local and regional family companies have to be considered as well as international executive structures. Every concern of decision-makers, entrepreneurs, founders or heirs must be taken into account during the planning of legal structures.

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  • Strategic structuring and planning of legal and tax questions
  • Tax Structuring
  • Balance tax law
  • Corporate structuring and restructuring
  • Transaction related tax law
  • Issues pertaining to asset or company succession
  • Ongoing consulting, in particular during tax audits
  • Representation before financial authorities and tax courts (German and English)

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  • Partnerships and corporations and its partners and shareholders
  • Non-profit foundations, associations and companies
  • Family partnerships and foundations
  • Public corporations
  • Professional associations, trade associations

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  • Corporate Tax Law: Corporate Income Tax, Trade Tax, Value Added Tax, Income Tax, Transfer Tax, Reorganisation Tax
  • Right of Succession: Inheritance and Gift Tax, Valuation Law
  • Non-profit Law: Fiscal Code
  • Individual taxation: Income Tax
  • Cross border facts: Double Taxation Treaties, Value Added Tax

For an individual consultation I will be grateful to help you. Please, do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Consultation of a Belgian Investor in connection with the acquisition, development and financing of a multi-storey car park in Frankfurt/Main regarding the tax structuring of the investment, the establishment of the investment structure, the financing of the investment, the on-going legal and tax consultancy of the acquisition companies and the subsequent sale of the multi-storey car park respectively the acquisition companies;
  • Consultation of a big German Corporation in connection with tax audits, e.g. regarding the taxation of capital gains, the tax treatment of shareholder loans and the tax-related consequences after a restructuring according to reorganisation tax law;
  • Expert support of an American Inbound-Investment regarding the setting-up of permanent business establishments and subsidiaries;
  • Comprehensive support of a German Group regarding the reorganisation of the group, in particular in the field of preparation and realisation inter alia of merger and demerger of corporations, spin-off and incorporation of companies; comprehensive support of the transactions, preparation of tax opinions and preparation of an application of a legally binding information of the financial authorities;
  • Consultation of Family-Companies regarding the usage of tax losses and losses carried forward, the structuring of shareholder loans and reorganisation of the companies (merger and demerger);
  • Consultation of a German Family-Company specialised in real estate in connection with the avoidance of an insolvency by reorganisation;
  • Assessment of a variety of questions regarding inter alias value added tax, land transfer tax, income tax, corporate tax and trade tax in particular for investors and financial service provider;
  • Tax consulting of a German Group and its shareholders, which were all part of one family, regarding the succession planning, the contractual implementation and the application for tax benefits of gift tax regarding the transfer of business assets at the respectively responsible financial authorities;
  • Consultation regarding the restructuring of a Family-Corporation for succession planning under appointment of a family foundation;
  • Consultation of Non-Profit Organisations in connection with their economic activities;
  • Assessment of tax questions of public corporations, non-profit foundations, associations and companies and of professional associations and trade associations.

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