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German real estate investor I Due diligence & contract drafting

Advising a German real estate investor in conducting due diligence for the acquisition of residential and commercial real estate located in Germany, analysis of tax issues such as real estate transfer tax, value added tax, trade tax, analysis of lease agreements and elaboration of risks, participation in contract negotiations and drafting of purchase agreements, such as clauses on the option to opt for value added tax or regulations on the assumption of liability for tax liabilities under the German Fiscal Code.

Belgian investor I Tax structuring for the acquisition of a car park

Consultation of a Belgian investor in connection with the acquisition, development and financing of a multi-storey car park in Frankfurt am Main with regard to the tax structuring of the investment, the establishment of the investment structure, the financing of the investment, ongoing legal and tax advice to the acquisition companies and the subsequent sale of the multi-storey car park respectively the acquisition companies.

German corporation I Advice during tax audits

Consultation of a big German stock corporation in the context of tax audits, inter alia with regard to the taxation of capital gains, the treatment of shareholder loans and with regard to the tax-related consequences after a restructuring in accordance with the German Reorganisation Tax Law.

American inbound investments I Establishment of operational facilities & subsidiaries

Expert support of an American inbound investment regarding the setting-up of permanent business establishments and subsidiaries.

German Group I Reorganisation & restructuring

Comprehensive support of a German group for reorganisation, in particular preparation and implementation of, inter alia, mergers and demergers of corporations, incorporation and spin-off of companies; comprehensive support of the transactions, tax assessment and preparation of an application of a legally binding information of the financial authorities.

Family companies I Loss carryforwards & restructuring

Advising family companies on the usage of losses and loss carryforwards, the structuring of shareholder loans and reorganisatoin (merger and demerger).

German family real estate company I Insolvency avoidance through restructuring

Advising a German family-owned real estate company in connection with the avoidance of insolvency through restructuring.

Investors and financial service providers I Tax challenges

Expert opinions on a variety of VAT, real estate transfer tax, income tax and trade tax issues, in particular for investors and financial service providers.

German group I Succession planning & gift tax

Tax consulting of a German corporate group and its shareholders who were exclusively family members, on succession planning, contractual implementation and application for the gift tax benefit for business assets at the respectively responsible financial authorites.

Family capital company I Succession planning with foundation

Advice on the restructuring of a family corporation for succession planning under appointment of a family foundation.

Non-profit companies I Business management consulting

Consultation of non-profit companies in connection with economic activities.

Associations & Foundations I Consulting on tax issues

Assessment of tax questions of public corporations, non-profit foundations, associations and companies and of professional and trade associations.

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